Sketches from KLCC Park

KLCC Park is a nice place to sketch in. I feel safe there as there are security guards and police personnels about. It has many seating spots as well as shady spots.

I completed 2 sketches of Kuala Lumpur buildings. A fun day with subjects which are very different from the days before of the rural and small town of Sungai Lembing. (See previous post).

Till next post, take care.

Sungai Lembing

I went on a sketching trip with friends in Malaysia, to a mining town called Sungai Lembing. First sketch of the place is above – the entrance to the town.

A look at the town – the are several big trees that line the streets; they are rather old and impressive.

It was a long weekend and there were many local tourists. I went to the foodcourt at the town centre for breakfast and there were long queues at a number of stalls. We ordered kopi from this stall and had a great time sketching.

I am a lazy tourist – this town is also known for its old mine, muzium and a few other things and I am afraid did not capture those. But I did have a fantastic sketching trip 😃.

Gotland Sketches

I went to Gotland in Sweden for a couple of days, and had a really enjoyable time. Of course I painted too!

First up is this lovely view of the Baltic Sea from my room window. It was rather dreamy and quiet – slow waves and many birds. I could have stayed in the room all day and enjoyed the view. But the rest of my Visby trip outside my room was good too!

There were some rather amazingly large rocks standing at Langhammars in Fårö island on the north. It began to rain a little after I had started painting, hence the patchy bits on the piece.

A photo of the rocks formation, called "rauks"

I was able to sketch this in Visby, when the sun was shining. 2 hours later, I was in a pub and the rain came for about an hour.

No visit is complete without trying the local food, right? This is saffron rice pudding served with cream and jam.

Gotland is such a beautiful place – there is so much to paint and to see there. I would have loved to be able to spend a much longer time there.

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Solo exhibition in Sweden

I held a solo exhibition in Sweden last weekend. The work I put up were my travel sketches as well as recent work completed in the last week.

Here are a few images around the 3 rooms of the gallery:

I also held 2 workshops during the same weekend.

It was fun being able to share my experience and see others enjoy themselves.