Since the day someone showed me a book on Naoshima I had wanted to go there. And I did get there recently.

It was Golden Week (accumulation of 4 national holidays in one week), a busy time and I could not get into the first gallery and was told to take a number for later. I took a number, then went to another museum with the intention of going back to the first one later, but I ran out of energy. There was a lot to see on the island.

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture sketched by Evelyn Yee

Here is an iconic sculpture on the island. There was a long queue of about 60 people to photograph with Yayoi Kusama’s “Pumpkin” at Benesse Art Site in Naoshima.

Naoshima landscape by Evelyn Yee

This is the view across from the cafe at Benesse Art Gallery. It was a lovely island and I wish I had more time.

Till next post, take care.

Japanese food 

I love Japanese food and eating the local cuisine was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Japan.

Japanese food sketch by Evelyn Yee

Here are a couple of spreads from my sketchbook. It was fun capturing the dishes too.

Japanese food sketch by Evelyn Yee

Till next post, take care!

KL to Osaka 

I went to Japan recently. Going away is always exciting from an art angle – there will be new unfamiliar scenes to capture; food to experience and to sketch and art materials to buy!

Cafe in watercolour by Evelyn Yee
The first entry into my travel journal is of Kuala Lumpur airport (above), after check in. My flight was past midnight – which was no fun – and sketching was one way to kill some time.

Plane sketch in watercolour by Evelyn Yee

I don’t sleep well on planes so taking a night flight was a bad idea. I spent some time sketching people and still had time to spare. The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka was 6 hours.

Sketches from Japan in the next post!

Lush Malaysia

Street scene in Kuala Lumpur by Evelyn Yee

I love sketching in new locations – it’s unfamiliar and exciting. I was in Malaysia recently and while waiting to be picked up, I managed to sketch the entrance to a car park. Ok I know, it’s not the most exciting location but I enjoyed capturing the plants and yes, those were really red bushes 😊. If I had to pick one word to describe the country it would be lush. 

Malaysia Landscape in Watercolour by Evelyn Yee
I went to a small town with the Kuala Lumpur sketching group, and this is the view from our guesthouse (above) – isn’t it gorgeous! I love the different greens of the view and wanted to capture that.

On the last day of the trip, a few of us woke up early to sketch. I found a little stream and once again, I was drawn to the greenery I saw (below)

Malaysia river scene in Watercolour by Evelyn Yee
I love that the “greens” are different – in Malaysia the general green is rather deep, while in Australia, it is generally a browner green. Do you notice the shade of green of trees around you? What is the general green where you live?

Till next time, take care.

People sketches 

People in watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Was out in a field trip with the KL sketching group and I decided that I will try to capture as many of them as possible. I managed a number of them but missed a few. The above piece is a montage on the front page. 

People in watercolour by Evelyn Yee
People in watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Here are a couple of zoomed-in versions.

I am still working on the back page which is half the size of the spread on top. The trouble with leaving sketches to finish later is that I might not get round to it for a while! 

Will see! Will post when I finish the other side 😊

Painting nature

I went on a excursion with the Kuala Lumpur USK group last weekend. It was so lovely to get out of the city and it was a weekend of sketching and fellowship; obviously a very enjoyable one for me. Here are 2 sketches from last week.

Chamang waterfalls by Evelyn YeeStream watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Hope you are all well. More posts to follow soon.