Raku Firing

Ceramics raku by evelyn yee

I had a very exciting day assisting my friend Kevin run his Raku (pottery) workshop recently. I had the opportunity to fire some pieces. A couple of pieces just fired and ready for cleaning (above). And one piece shown below (front and back).

Ceramics raku by evelyn yee

So much fun – I missed ceramics) and playing with fire, pun intended).

Sunny day in Melbourne

PMYC Port Melbourne by Evelyn Yee

It was a sunny 15 degree day – perfect for a walk along the beach. Also perfect for a sketch! There were a few people on the beach. In the sketch above, the Port Melbourne Yacht Club is on the right, with the silhouette of Station Pier behind.

PMYC Port Melbourne by Evelyn Yee

Another angle of the yacht club (above). 

Bottom left: 2 kids of about 8 years complimented me, high fives x2 and asked me if I wanted to be an artist when I grow up!!! 😀 

Bottom right: minimal tools for my walk – 3 colours, a brush, a pencil, a sharpener and some water.

Portraits in pastel

Portraits in pastel by Evelyn Yee

I bought some new materials, pastel pencils to test. Love them!

Portraits in pastel by Evelyn Yee

I also enjoyed enjoyed using the coloured background.

Portraits in pastel by Evelyn Yee

Love new materials…so much to play with!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Till next time, happy sketching, painting and being creative!

Sketching a pottery event in Monsalvat

Monsalvat is an artist colony in Eltham, Victoria. It has a number of artist studios, art galleries, a function space for weddings etc. and plenty of outdoor spaces to roam, picnic and enjoy just being outdoors away from the city.

A few weeks ago, I went there to sketch my friend, Kevin and his pottery workshop.

Monsalvat by Evelyn Yee

First sketch of the day, above. The studio where Kevin was running the workshop.

Pottery demonstration by Evelyn Yee

Kevin on action, above. 

Pottery demonstration by Evelyn Yee

Brian, Terry and Kevin in action.

Kiln in Monsalvat by Evelyn Yee

Wood firing kiln on the grounds on Monsalvat.

Peacock at Monsalvat by Evelyn Yee

The resident peacock came to me – I think it was the Turkish Delights that it was attracted to (I did not share..).

Monsalvat by Evelyn Yee
Lovely Monsalvat buildings.

Fabulous location! I will be back again.

Getting there is half the fun

Long flights can be tiring – being herded around an airport is annoying, the waiting is boring, the travel is not often comfortable and we check the time-to-destination regularly out of boredom. Even though there is not much to do in this transitional space,  I look forward to this time to sketch.

plane sketch by evelyn yee

Leaving Amaterdam a few months ago… There is no opportunity to sketch a plane live in my everyday life, so it was rather exciting to be able to do that.  I enjoyed painting the coloured lines on the ground the most.

person on plane by evelyn yee

Passenger on the plane completing an immigration card. Feels better when that is done and all the documents can then be put away, before watching a movie or two.

clouds from a plane by evelyn yee

clouds from a plane by evelyn yee

passenger on plane by evelyn yee

Working on the plane when the lights are out. I enjoyed this very much – felt a lot like painting, as shapes and values are more important than lines especially in the background.

Hope you enjoyed this post, happy painting, drawing and sketching.

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Colour pencil sketches

I first used colour pencils as a child. Then it was just colouring in, as I had no knowledge of blending and mixing colours. I never even considered including shadows in my drawings back then.

port melbourne lighthouse by evelyn yee Above:  The Port Melbourne Rear Lighthouse is probably not as famous as the front lighthouse which is situated on the water. This one is part of Beacon Cove, a residential estate and is surrounded by trees and houses.

So I thought colour pencils were very “basic” tools back then and have not used the medium much over the years. Even though I have seen some really good work using colour pencils, I had not been inspired. My current set is a decade old, if not longer.

flourless orange cake sketch by evelyn yeeAbove: Chilling at Noisette Bakery in Melbourne – afternoon tea with flourless orange cake. Yum. Moist.

I started carrying around a couple of colours recently to add some interest to pen sketches. They are easy to carry around – that was the main reason I took out the pencils again. I enjoyed using them so much that my initial couple of colours have turned into a set of 8, which is still very minimal (especially compared to the tools I need when I use watercolour).

Gaswork Arts Park by evelyn yeeAbove: Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne where doggies are allowed to be off-lead.

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I use different media. I love to experiment and I have now found another very good tool to add to my list of favourites.

These are sketches completed in the last week. Please follow me on Instagram @evelyn.yee to see more recent work.