Flower by Evelyn Yee

A gorgeous flower left (above) from a bunch given to me by a friend recently, and some painted flowers below.

Flower watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Carnations from the market – white flowers are a challenge but a dark background helps push the flowers in front

Succulents watercolour by Evelyn Yee

I often look at my beautiful succulents and think how complex they are to capture. I decided to try…

Flower watercolour by Evelyn Yee

The bunch of flowers that was given by my lovely friend – not sure what they were but they were nice to paint.

Till next post, have a happy weekend.

New online shop item

Landscape in watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Another post (above) on my online shop – this one was completed recently in Gippsland. I am up to 11 items now, well short of the max of 100 so even though it will be a while, I will keep uploading.

Watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Here is a screenshot of the last 6 uploaded.  Follow the link to see all.


People indoors

Since the One Week 100 People Challenge I have been inspired to sketch people. People are everywhere so there is never a shortage of subjects. And everyone is unique. 

People sketches by Evelyn Yee

I was at the Southgate food court for a quick lunch and I kept myself busy sketching while eating.

People sketches by Evelyn Yee

This was sketch in Chez Dre in South Melbourne – was a fun interior sketch with people over breakfast.

People sketches by Evelyn Yee
Finally a sketch over coffee at the NGV members’ lounge (above).

Will keep drawing people – loads of fun and need to practice.

Parker Pies at Rutherglen 

Parker pies in watercolour by Evelyn Yee

I had breakfasts of meat pies 2 days in a row at Parker Pies in Rutherglen. Yes, meat pies for breakfast! They were so good that I even bought a couple home 😊.

The above is their back garden – a lovely space with a few tables and beautiful lawn. Actually the building beyond the fence on the right is Victoria Hotel, where my friends and I slept for a couple of nights.

Wineries at Rutherglen

During a trip to Rutherglen a few weeks ago, my friends and I went to a couple of vineyards. There were lots of gorgeous views to capture and I wish we had more time.

We had lunch St Leonard’s where there were a few musicians on stage. Lovely atmosphere and location (above).

All Saints Estate by Evelyn Yee

We headed to All Saints Estate (above) nearby for afternoon tea and more sketching

Ducks in a pond by Evelyn Yee

Ducks in a pond at All Saints – very pretty spot

Tree in watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Could not resist capturing the tree trunk of this gorgeous tree.

It was a wonderful day out sketching at the 2 lovely locations. We headed back to town afterwards exhausted but satisfied 😊.

Wicked Virgin Olive farm

My friends and I went on a sketching trip to Rutherglen recently. It was so lovely to get out of the city. 

On the first day, we went to Wicked Virgin Olive farm. After olive oil tasting and sorting out purchases, we sat down for tea and some sketching.

Wicked Virgin Olive farm by Evelyn Yee

Wicked Virgin Olive farm by Evelyn Yee

My 2 sketches above – love the views.