Warrandyte trip

Landscape in watercolour by Evelyn Yee
I went to the Warrandyte Pottery Festival last weekend, and painted by the river, after feasting our eyes on pottery. It was a  sunny day and families were out swimming and enjoying picnics. There was a nice vibe around. This man was having a nice quiet time reading – for a while before it got busier.

Landscape in watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Here is a better photo of the above piece minus dappled shadows of the foliage. I am happy with it – the man looks peaceful and that is what I wanted to convey. I have uploaded onto my online store today 😊. Hope you like it.

Summery Gippsland

It’s summer in Australia, and out in the country, fire is a threat. It’s hot and dry. I saw smoke in a distance once during my 2-week stay – something was burning and a warming was issued on a phone app. Anyway, my 2 weeks passed with no fire-related incident.

The sun was out on most days, which was great for painting on location. Here are a few more pieces I painted on the grounds of Cowwarr Art Space – hope you like them.

Summer flowers by Evelyn Yee

Gorgeous pink blooms in the foreground, and the Art Space (formerly a butter factory) in the background.

Summer garden by Evelyn Yee

Sunny garden (Sold) – really enjoyed painting this.

Summer garden by Evelyn Yee

Agapanthus bushes line the driveway – lovely and lush. 

Sketching at the NGV

I went to the NGV gallery with the intention to see some art, but there was too much distractions. 

Emma Russack was on stage and I sat down to listen and sketched. Then I went to the members’ lounge for a coffee and sketch some more. 😃

Here are some sketches from that day:

People in pencil - sketches by Evelyn Yee

Landscape on Etsy

Landscape by Evelyn Yee

Another piece I put up on Etsy this morning. It is so hard to tell if I am doing it correctly. I have been reading about tags and search words, as well as researching what other sellers do. I am tweaking it, taking my time and watching the stats, which to date is single digit on a daily basis. Happy to hear suggestions 😁!

Anyway, the above piece is one I completed recently when I was sketching with Melbourne Urban Sketchers in Collingwood Children’s Farm. Hope you like it.

Sweet Treats

Sweets watercolour by Evelyn Yee

As expected on my trip to South Melbourne Market I bought more than items my shopping list. A friend was coming to visit, so I bought macaroons and treats – to sketch and to eat. We both had a nice time catching up, sketching and eating afterwards.

Here is a video clip I made of the bottom left piece. Enjoy!

Catani Garden Sketch

Catani Gardens watercolour landscape by Evelyn Yee

It was a sunny afternoon and I was catching up with a sketching friend – my favourite outing as we always end up sketching over coffee and food, and if weather permits, we sketch outdoors too.

Susan and I went to Catani Gardens in St Kilda after breakfast. It was a lovely day and we sketched while listening to Adele on her phone. Blissful 😊

So I decided to be bold – why not – and ended wiht the piece above. I kept looking at it over a few days, and decided that I like it enough to share it. Hope you like it too.

Ps. I put it up on my Online Shop – I am determined to keep the shop going!


I don’t usually paint chairs but I found one that I just had to capture. The reddish one below was in my living space in Cowwarr Art Space.

Watercolour chair by Evelyn Yee

It was warm and inviting – one I sat on every evening after a day of pleinair painting. Having completed the first piece and enjoyed it, I decided that I had to paint a second chair.

Watercolour chair by Evelyn Yee

My second one has quite a different feel. The rugs on the chair gave me an idea of the mood, while keeping to the approach of a coloured chair with a monotone surrounding. Happy how it turned out 🙂

Am on the lookout for my next chair.

Ps. So thrilled the first piece 😊 has be sold.