Sapporo sketches


せんしゅうまえ、Odori Park に行きました。Sapporo Autumn Festがありました。いろいろな食べ物がありました。たくさん人はたのしみました。えにSapporo TV Towerと食べ物やとOdori Parkのきれいなはながあります。


My Japanese course in Sapporo has begun, and I will be busy with studies. I will still paint but I will have to keep it simple.

Last week, I went to Odori Park where Sapporo Autumn Fest is being held. There are many types of food stalls and many people were enjoying themselves. In my painting, you see the Sapporo TV Tower, a couple of food stalls and the lovely flowers of Odori Park.

Sapporo とけいだい は Sapporo の ビルで いちばん ふるい です。 ひと が とてもおおいです。ほとんどの人は かんこうきゃく と思います。かれらはよくしゃしんをとります。

Sapporo Clock Tower is the oldest standing building in Sapporo. There are usually many people (mostly tourists I think) outside taking photos.

さいしょのしゅうまつ さっぽろのまちへをかんこうしました。このきれいなビルをみました。札幌資料館 は 1926につくりました。

My first weekend in Sapporo was spent sightseeing. I stumbled upon this beautiful building. It was a sunny day, perfect for sketching 😊. This is Sapporo Shiryokan (Former Sapporo Court of Appeals) which was built in 1926.

Hope you enjoyed these few sketches.

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Mount Moiwa, Sapporo

もいわ 山 へ せんせい と ともだち と いきました。とてもすばらしかったです! このやまガ 531 メートルたかいです。(日本語を勉強しています。ごめんなさい。にほんご が すこしです)

I went to Mount Moiwa with my teacher and friends. It was amazing. At the top (531 meters) we could see wonderful views of surrounding mountains as well as the city.

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Sketches from KLCC Park

KLCC Park is a nice place to sketch in. I feel safe there as there are security guards and police personnels about. It has many seating spots as well as shady spots.

I completed 2 sketches of Kuala Lumpur buildings. A fun day with subjects which are very different from the days before of the rural and small town of Sungai Lembing. (See previous post).

Till next post, take care.

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Sungai Lembing

I went on a sketching trip with friends in Malaysia, to a mining town called Sungai Lembing. First sketch of the place is above – the entrance to the town.

A look at the town – the are several big trees that line the streets; they are rather old and impressive.

It was a long weekend and there were many local tourists. I went to the foodcourt at the town centre for breakfast and there were long queues at a number of stalls. We ordered kopi from this stall and had a great time sketching.

I am a lazy tourist – this town is also known for its old mine, muzium and a few other things and I am afraid did not capture those. But I did have a fantastic sketching trip 😃.

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