Eating durian and sketching all day


Fun time sketching at the durian stalls. Got a family interested and they asked to take pics πŸ˜€, not just of my sketch but with me! Haha cute! See below, too right corner.

Sketching in KL by Evelyn Yee
The other pics in the above montage is of my day out with Urban Sketchers Kuala Lumpur in the morning, then teatime sketch and after dinner drinks sketch. 

Received some freebies. During tea, my friend and I were given free cakes – it was after we had eaten and sketched the cakes we ordered. We sketched the free cakes, ate some and took the rest home! Then received a free ice cream when I was sketching drinks after dinner! Didn’t sketch that, just ate with with friends 😊

A long day of sketching. I was quite tired when I finally got home.


Flower by Evelyn Yee

A gorgeous flower left (above) from a bunch given to me by a friend recently, and some painted flowers below.

Flower watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Carnations from the market – white flowers are a challenge but a dark background helps push the flowers in front

Succulents watercolour by Evelyn Yee

I often look at my beautiful succulents and think how complex they are to capture. I decided to try…

Flower watercolour by Evelyn Yee

The bunch of flowers that was given by my lovely friend – not sure what they were but they were nice to paint.

Till next post, have a happy weekend.

Sweet Treats

Sweets watercolour by Evelyn Yee

As expected on my trip to South Melbourne Market I bought more than items my shopping list. A friend was coming to visit, so I bought macaroons and treats – to sketch and to eat. We both had a nice time catching up, sketching and eating afterwards.

Here is a video clip I made of the bottom left piece. Enjoy!



Bialetti by Evelyn Yee

On a whim, I went out and bought myself a Bialetti Coffee Maker a few weeks ago. I went to a coffee roaster and the man was obviously very passionate about coffee. I appreciated the instructions and explainations he offered, together with a bag of free ground coffee beans (his favourite) to start me off.

The few key things are 

  • To fill the beans to the brim with a tap and level off, but not compressing (so that water can swirl)
  • To simmer on the gas stove, not boil (so water takes its time moving through the beans)
  • To never overboil (so coffee is not burnt)

Fabulous coffee each time! My Nespresso machine has been neglected for the moment (although I still love it especially on days when I get a little lazy).