Food in watercolour

Chinese lunch watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Mapo Tofu and Beef & veg stir fry – sketched at lunch last week. The food was so delicious – sometimes all I want is comfort food πŸ˜„

Asian snacks watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Day one Kuala Lumpur – the Yees went out for breakfast and what a yummy one it was – Dim Sum! And then I had to buy some local snacks.

More food sketches – as I enjoy the local delicacies in Malaysia – to follow!

Sweet Treats

Sweets watercolour by Evelyn Yee

As expected on my trip to South Melbourne Market I bought more than items my shopping list. A friend was coming to visit, so I bought macaroons and treats – to sketch and to eat. We both had a nice time catching up, sketching and eating afterwards.

Here is a video clip I made of the bottom left piece. Enjoy!


Food sketching

Food sketching is fun.

Food sketch by Evelyn Yee

Salted caramel macaron, orange flavoured fudge and mince fruit pies from South Melbourne Market – makes me full just looking at the plate!

Strawberries sketch by Evelyn Yee
Strawberries are in season! And they are quite sweet this time of the year. Getting my money’s worth – 3 versions with different for fun!

Fruits sketch by Evelyn Yee
And when I can’t think of what else to sketch… my fruit bowls, plus a leftover garlic bulb.

Enjoy! Have a great week.

Sweet stuff

Some recent fun pieces.

Cafe Lafayette's milkshakes by Evelyn YeeMilk shakes at Cafe Lafayette – amazing work-of-art! They are huge and look extremely sweet. I have not had them before but they sure are popular.
Abstract bottles and cups by Evelyn Yee
Loving textures; they add interest and help the elements “gel” together… know what I mean?!

And here is a cup drawn in Cafe Noisette.

Have a great weekend.