Everyday food in Malaysia

These are the foodstuff I got used to growing up in Malaysia:

Everyday food in Malaysia by Evelyn Yee

Still life with everyday Malaysian food – from left : cup of @nescafe , cough syrup, tea by Bohtea , bottle of sambal and strawberry jam from the highlands in Malaysia. In front: dodol and biscuit.
Here is a video just for fun. Enjoy!

Eating durian and sketching all day


Fun time sketching at the durian stalls. Got a family interested and they asked to take pics 😀, not just of my sketch but with me! Haha cute! See below, too right corner.

Sketching in KL by Evelyn Yee
The other pics in the above montage is of my day out with Urban Sketchers Kuala Lumpur in the morning, then teatime sketch and after dinner drinks sketch. 

Received some freebies. During tea, my friend and I were given free cakes – it was after we had eaten and sketched the cakes we ordered. We sketched the free cakes, ate some and took the rest home! Then received a free ice cream when I was sketching drinks after dinner! Didn’t sketch that, just ate with with friends 😊

A long day of sketching. I was quite tired when I finally got home.

New namecard

Just printed using a watercolour artwork of Portuguese tart completed a year ago, while in Portugal. I have such a good time there.

The red haired girl on the front was completed years ago. I use it as my logo – it’s appeared on many versions of my card.
Portuguese tart watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Malaysian snacks

Malaysian snacks Watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Malaysian snacks, collectively named ‘kueh’ and soybean pudding ‘Tau Foo Fah’ are some of my favourite food. They are eaten for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea and all through the day. Very delicious.

This piece was sold recently – yay 😊. 

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35 portraits in 20 minutes

35 portraits in 20 minutes

35 portraits in 20 minutes! Sounds pretty amazing but it was achieved quite easily. 9 artists sketched each other. A timer was set to 5 minutes per sketch. 20 minutes later, everyone had done 4, except for one who took a break and completed 3. So we have 35 after only 20 minutes 😊

These were completed by me and my friends. It was a fun exercise full of laughter.