1st Urban Sketching event in Melbourne

I ran the very first urban sketching event in Melbourne for the year on Sunday. We went to St Kilda, across the road from the famous Luna Park, Palais Theatre and next to the famous St Kilda craft market.

I didn’t sketch as much as I wished I had, but I still sketched a lot. Here is Luna Park (below). I didn’t manage to sketch the Palais Theatre or the craft market.

Luna Park by Evelyn Yee

And some people sketches for the day in a concertina sketchbook.

We got together for lunch afterwards and sketch some more (a few sketches sketched over lunch are shown in the video above). We also sketched each other and here are the portraits, each one completed in 5 minutes by my friends and I.

5 minute portraits @ EvelynYee

and finally a video by my friend while we were on St Kilda Pier.

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Got out to the country

I went to Seymour around Christmas time. It’s an hour’s drive from Melbourne. We were in the country, on a large property with orchard, bee boxes, chicken and cows. It was very warm and we were warned that there could be snakes 😦 so we did not venture too far away from the house. Even then, the views were great.

Here are a couple of gouache paintings I managed to complete while I was there.

After 2 nights, I left for home and my friend who was still there saw a snake heading towards him (he was sitting at our usual breakfast table outdoor). Gulp, he threw his iPad at it – the only thing he was holding – and luckily it changed its course! It was a big brown snake of about 2 meters – supposedly rather dangerous! It’s did not show itself again, thank goodness! I am so glad I wasn’t there and didn’t see it!

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New Year Eve at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Now that the weather is warmer (it’s summer in Australia), I have been enjoying sketching outdoors. One of my favourite go-to place is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. I was there on the last day of 2017 with my picnic rug and managed to complete 2 pieces.

Botanic Gardens Landscape by Evelyn Yee

Botanic Gardens Picnic by Evelyn Yee

Later that night, I went out to see the fireworks in Melbourne. Here it is – the days are passing too quickly, so lets enjoy the fireworks again 🙂

Have a great 2018!

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20 Sketches 20 Days

31 December also marked the 1st year anniversary of the 20 Sketches 20 Days challenge which I set up the year before. The idea is to practise – we all know the more we practise, the faster we improve. But even if we love to do it daily, sometimes life gets in the way. So we aim for 20 each month, and there are 10 days to do other things. If you are curious, log into Facebook and find us.

When someone has uploaded 20 for a month, he/she gets a star :). A few people received 12 stars in 2017, which meant they had completed and uploaded at least 240 sketches in the year – a great achievement. Of course, it was not possible for some if they did not join us at the beginning of the year.

20 Sketches 20 Days

So at the end of the year, I asked members if they wanted to keep going and a number of people said “yes” as they found it helpful, and enjoyable. So we keep the challenge for 2018. And I am more than happy to upload at least 20 or more sketches to keep up the practise.

You are most welcomed to join us – just find us on Facebook 🙂


I had a birthday the other day, and it was just the perfect weekend. Friends came by and we just chatted over food and drinks, and sketched. The next day, we went out to a cafe and sketched some more. Just my kind of weekend 😀

My friend baked a cake – and she was kind enough to place a token number of candles… Of course we all had to sketch the cake. Here is my version of the yummy lemon cake.

And other versions (below), by all of us.

I felt loved 😃❤️ – I received 3 bunches of flowers! They are beautiful and just imagine how much fun I’d have painting them. So far, I have painted this.

I hope to paint more flowers while they are still fresh!

I caught up with a few more friends the next day and sketched in a cafe.

It was a great birthweekend, if there is such a thing! Lots of sketching and lots of great company – can’t ask for much more 😊

Do you have a special something that you like to do on your birthday?

Till next time!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this will be another great year for all of us. It has been a while since I last posted and one of my resolutions is to post regularly!

It’s been an interesting few months – I was busy organising a one-day sketching event for Melbourne Urban Sketchers. We had a major sponsor and a watercolour demonstration, and I believe everyone had fun. It was held in the city in Melbourne. Here is a video taken of the group at the end of the event :).

And hello from me with my sketch on a concertina sketchbook during our morning sketch that day (photo taken by my friend, Alessandra). Evelyn Yee
I bought an iPad Pro and Procreate towards the end of the year. Here are a couple of pieces done digitally. I love the IPad 🙂Urban sketch at Priscilla Jones by Evelyn YeeStill life with IPad Pro By Evelyn Yee
Another piece of news is that I have been going to painting classes, and decided to learn to paint with gouache. I chose gouache as it is water based and is therefore “cleaner” than acrylics and oils. I have enjoyed it very much. Here is one of my gouache pieces:

Gouache art by Evelyn Yee

Class starts again in February – I am looking forward to doing more.
Till next time, take care!

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