Art Practice


I draw and paint everyday objects and scenes.  It is a record of time, my life and the world I inhabit.

Modern life is hectic; urban life in particular proceeds at a seemingly rapid rate, with little time for contemplation and relaxation. My art attempts to capture the small yet important time in our lives, through my own rituals and experiences.


It has been an exciting start to the year. I took a cruise to Antartica and painted the landscape. There were glaciers, mountains, icebergs, wildlife and scenes that I have never seen before – sometimes I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming.

I had a wonderful opportunity to paint in Japan in June and July as artist-in-residence in Studio Kura in Itoshima. It is in a rural area next to the sea in Kyushu, southern part of Japan.


I started using gouache this year and so far, it has been a year of painting as well as exploration with the new medium, even though watercolour is still a big part of my work. I was an artist-in-residence in Cowwarr Art Space in Gippsland in December. The focus of my time there was on capturing the landscape in watercolour.


This year had been a rather exciting artistically. I took up an artist residency in Cowwarr Art Space in Gippsland, Australia with a focus on watercolour painting. Gippsland is a farming area so the landscapes are quite different from my usual urban landscape and that provided me a new challenge and the opportunity to grow.

I spent a month in Uppsala, Sweden in August. It was a 4 week residency, and I was involved in a joint exhibition with a local artist, and later my own solo exhibition of my travel and Sweden pieces. I also ran a couple of watercolour workshops.

Here are most of the pieces completed in Sweden. These have been exhibited in Melbourne at the end of 2017.

My travels also took me to Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. I took every opportunity to record my travels and capture the local scenes.