Fostered kittens

Oil painting of a kitten
Kitten I called Ginger, aka Little Sh*t

I fostered 3 kittens for about 10 days recently and this is one of them. He was the cheekiest of the lot. The kittens were not named but I called this one Ginger or Little Sh*t, depending on what he got up to.

He was often seen rolling around with one or two of the other kittens. He was very curious and often checking out things, and trying to find ways to get to things and places that was not allowed. Watching the 3 kittens (such time wasters – worse than social media 😃) , I could see he was the dominant one – often the most active and alert, and seldom alone. But when he was good, he was sweet and quite adorable.

The other two kittens were almost as active as Ginger, also naughty and gorgeous I must admit. They were a handful – I had a busy 10 days. It was a good experience. Very memorable 😃.

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