Virtual travel

Since we can’t travel internationally for a while, I did some virtual travel using google map. It was fun to see places that I have never been before without having to leave the house. It was also really good to so have some painting references to continue practising and painting at home.

I went to Nepal, then to Mongolia – the architecture was interesting. I chose a winter scene in Mongolia – it sure looks cold, I mean very cold. I don’t paint snow much as it doesn’t get cold enough to snow where I live, so it was lovely to try a different scene.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Dashchoilin Monastery, Mongolia in winter

Then I thought I’d try somewhere more familiar, so I began looking at places in Malaysia where I was born and lived, before moving to Australia. The scene below reminded me life in a small town where I worked for a year. It was surrounded by villages such as this one. Homes were surrounded by lush greenery, and life was simple.

Village scene in Malaysia

It has been fun exercises, and will continue to do more virtual travel in order to practise painting. Sometimes it is frustratingly difficult to get the right composition, and takes too long to find a place that inspires, but at the moment, we cannot be out painting due to COVID19 restrictions, so I am thankful to have this option.

Stay healthy and well.

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