One day at a time in lockdown 8 – reducing information on COVID19

There is so much news about COVID19. For the past few weeks, I have spent time reading about the disease – daily updates in Australia and the world, medical reports on the coronavirus, how to stay safe, etc. The works – there is so much information and it has consumed me, panicked me, kept me awake at night, made me paranoid and generally anxious.

Another source of information (sometimes misinformation) is Facebook. I am an active user, often posting once a day, and I made a decision to only get onto Facebook two days a week. I am however still posting to my Instagram account, and sharing to FB account from there, without having to open Facebook. It is still work-in-progress – being away from friends and generally not going out of the house much, I find myself checking my account on days that I had designated as FB-free days. It will be better this week…

I started gardening (see my last post), but ended up cleaning up my balcony which has proven to be a bigger project than I anticipated. So far it has taken me two days of cleaning the decking and painting, and cleaning underneath the decking (which is kinda grossed). There is a lot more to be done as I haven’t done much gardening yet!

Cleaning in progress on my balcony

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