One day at a time in lockdown 1

Hope everyone is doing ok. Life has changed dramatically in the past weeks; I have had my panic moments and whist I still have those moments, I guess I have accepted the fact that there is a new normal and that I will now be spending a lot more time at home.

I finished my freelance work on Friday, so I will not have to go into the office any longer which is a relief. I have had Saturday out at a farmers market and then painting by the beach – we can still go out but we have to practise social distancing.

Today, I spent an hour socialising with friends on Discord (via online video, like a chat room) – it was nice to see them again, and we decided we will do that again sometime.

And then I painted these bags which are hanging on my door handle in my studio. This is where I hang out a lot to paint or to just do arty things. I have an armchair with a scarf draped over the top as seen more clearly in my sketch.

Bags in my studio

The red bag was purchased in Taiwan when I was there for Asialink (a sketching event) 2 years ago. The polka dotted one was purchased in Brunswick Street after sketching friends one day a few weeks ago 😃. And oh, the stamp of me sketching was made from a drawing by talented friend in another Asialink in Malaysia. There are lots of good memories in this one sketch. #uskathome

How are you spending your days?

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