Selling art prints

I have sold 2 art prints recently, and once again the idea of putting my work on an online platform/online shops (like Etsy) seemed attractive.

However that idea was stashed away quickly! The next day, while out painting, I was thinking of what would sell rather than what would make a good scene or what I would like to paint. Sadly that happens a lot and many people I have spoken to share the same experience.

I sell work when someone contacts me after seeing a piece they like on my website, instagram or facebook page, and have decided not to use online shops. But there are many people who sell actively via online shops while continuing to produce good work – I admire that. And I wonder how they do it. What’s the secret?

Boats by Evelyn YeeMelbourne by the beach by Evelyn Yee

I painted these 2 scenes in Melbourne, Australia at the end of 2019. The first one was captured by a lake while children were learning to swim. It was a happy sunny day while lots of activities, colours and laughter (and sequels from children while learning to capsize their boats). The second piece was completed on New Year’s Eve – on a section of a beach with an angling club on the left and a cafe on the right.

Hope you have a lovely week.

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