Inktober challenge continues

I am learning a few things things from my Inktober exercises.

My trip to Australia’s Top End offered many fantastic views and inspiration for art. So the Inktober challenge continues with a scene from a walk around a national park. A fun piece of foreground and background elements… but after I added blue to the background, I realised perhaps I should have varied the colour – that’s not the sea but green fields leading to the mountains in the distance! I could add a layer of green now… but I think I will leave it for now. 😃

Interesting rock formation and big wide fields and open sky.

Another day’s challenge was a piece inspired by the farms in Japan. I decided add a bit more interest to the sky and ground… I lost some layers of the mountain on the left as I was too impatient to wait for paint to dry 😬 …

Beautiful farm views of Itoshima in Japan.

So it is really good that I am learning from this challenge – a worthwhile exercise! Are you doing Inktober and getting some good from it?

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