A friend contacted me the other day about Inktober and I decided that I will take up the challenge. After my initial few ink paintings in Japan, I have not worked in ink, so this is a good time to take up the challenge and get some practice.

My first is a little waterfall with Chinese ink on rice paper. A bit messy with the name stamps which I haven’t used for a while! It seems to be okay as I have SOLD this piece! 🙂

Waterfall inspired by my waterfalls in Litchfield National Park,
Northern Territory, Australia in ink on rice paper

Here is another one completed the next day, based on water lilies I saw in Japan a few months ago. It got a bit messy and out of control as watered down ink spreads on rice paper quickly! So I am embracing the unpredictability of ink at the moment 😂 … until I learn how to control it better! I saw loads of water lilies in Fukuoka, Japan – with longish shaped leaves

I am enjoying the challenge and I hope to be able to keep doing one a day for the whole month of October. Are you doing Inktober challenge too? If you are, let me know – love to see what others are doing.

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