Impression of Itoshima

Itoshima in Japan is an area outside of Fukuoka city. It had lots of farms and rice fields, quite rural with a number of small towns. It’s easily accessible from the city – an hour by train – but if one is not fussed about “things”, it has everything that a person might want.

In Itoshima, I go to Japanese Language classes twice a week, and attend yoga classes twice a week. In between that, I paint 😃, and savour the local delicacies.

I have been in Itoshima on an artist residency with Studio Kura – here is one my my early paintings completed about a month ago (below) – vast flat fields of gold and green with gorgeous mountains that come and go depending on the weather.

Impression of Itoshima - watercolour landscape by Evelyn Yee
Impression of Itoshima – farmland

I get around by bicycle and riding between the plots, I see these straight fresh green rows of crops. There is so much variation – I don’t think I will get tired of the scenes here.

Rice field - Landscape by Evelyn Yee
Rice field, Itoshima
Hope you enjoy the post – more soon.

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