Glacier in watercolour

Early this year, I went on a cruise to Chile and Antartica. It was the first time I went on a cruise and I loved the views from the ship. Here is one of my favourite paintings from the trip.

Glacier watercolour by Evelyn Yee
Glacier in Chile

We were able to see a number of glaciers during the cruise. Here’s a photo of Tempanos Glacier in Chile – one of the big ones 🙂 below.

Tempanos Glazier, photo by Evelyn Yee
Tempanos Glacier

I must admit that I was not prepared enough for the trip. I purchased the latest iPhone for its camera, and had a small iPhone camera zoom lens attachment, but I wished I had even better equipment. A friend lent me her binoculars and I was able to zoom in for a better view, but I wish I could see even more.

On the plus side, we had amazing weather and that meant that we had great views and a pleasant trip :).

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