Getting out of my comfort zone

English countryside by Evelyn Yee

I hadn’t taken any interesting photos to use as painting reference recently, so I looked through my old photos. I was in England mnay years ago, and this photo of an countryside popped up – I don’t remember where exactly it was. I don’t usually paint landscapes so this was a challenge, and I have learnt a lot from this painting completed in gouche. I enjoyed painting the reflections and the greenery the most.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.


  1. Hi Evelyn, i love how you went forward in the learning process of this painting & how you enjoy & have fun a lot with painting the greenery & reflection. Great.


  2. Hi thanks! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. There is always something to learn in each painting. Looking back, I am now amazed I actually had the patience to finish it. I remember at the time I was not exactly enjoying the scene and felt it was boring. But I am so glad I did get through it and I have since painted a few more with gouache and am enjoying the medium 😃. Thanks so much for stopping to provide your comment.


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