Daylesford sketches

The Convent Gallery by Evelyn Yee

Daylesford is over an hour drive from Melbourne. I was there for a few days and I sketched daily (of course! πŸ˜ƒ) . It’s a beautiful town and being in a new surrounding is always inspiring. The Convent Gallery (above) is a must visit – it’s a beautiful building surrounded by an amazingly beautiful lush garden.

Bad Habits Cafe by Evelyn Yee<<<<<<<
re with my sketching buddy and we found sketching rather thirsty work, so we had to have a mocktail (above) at the Bad Habits Cafe of the Convent Gallery. The Boathouse in Daylesford by Evelyn Yee<<<<<<<
er day, we went to sketch The Boathouse Cafe – what a gorgeous building situated by a lake.

Hope you enjoyed these. More in the next post!

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