20 Sketches 20 Days

31 December also marked the 1st year anniversary of the 20 Sketches 20 Days challenge which I set up the year before. The idea is to practise – we all know the more we practise, the faster we improve. But even if we love to do it daily, sometimes life gets in the way. So we aim for 20 each month, and there are 10 days to do other things. If you are curious, log into Facebook and find us.

When someone has uploaded 20 for a month, he/she gets a star :). A few people received 12 stars in 2017, which meant they had completed and uploaded at least 240 sketches in the year – a great achievement. Of course, it was not possible for some if they did not join us at the beginning of the year.

20 Sketches 20 Days

So at the end of the year, I asked members if they wanted to keep going and a number of people said “yes” as they found it helpful, and enjoyable. So we keep the challenge for 2018. And I am more than happy to upload at least 20 or more sketches to keep up the practise.

You are most welcomed to join us – just find us on Facebook 🙂

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