I had a birthday the other day, and it was just the perfect weekend. Friends came by and we just chatted over food and drinks, and sketched. The next day, we went out to a cafe and sketched some more. Just my kind of weekend 😀

My friend baked a cake – and she was kind enough to place a token number of candles… Of course we all had to sketch the cake. Here is my version of the yummy lemon cake.

And other versions (below), by all of us.

I felt loved 😃❤️ – I received 3 bunches of flowers! They are beautiful and just imagine how much fun I’d have painting them. So far, I have painted this.

I hope to paint more flowers while they are still fresh!

I caught up with a few more friends the next day and sketched in a cafe.

It was a great birthweekend, if there is such a thing! Lots of sketching and lots of great company – can’t ask for much more 😊

Do you have a special something that you like to do on your birthday?

Till next time!

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