Malaysian snacks

Malaysian snacks Watercolour by Evelyn Yee

Malaysian snacks, collectively named ‘kueh’ and soybean pudding ‘Tau Foo Fah’ are some of my favourite food. They are eaten for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea and all through the day. Very delicious.

This piece was sold recently – yay 😊. 

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4 thoughts on “Malaysian snacks

  1. Hello Evelyn, I think i find the same snacks as in Malaysia in my city in Java Island, Indonésia, which we call them Kue for Kueh & Tauwa for soybean pudding. Cheers.


  2. Hi Evelyn, I like them moderately, my fave snack for morning/afternoon is Lumpia (popiah? In Malaysia?) & drink Hot Javanese Tea (red tea with jasmine note…kinda English Bfast Tea)…hehe we’re Asian like to enjoy food.


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