Buildings for 20 Sketches 20 Days

I can almost hear you thinking “what is 20 Sketches 20 Days“? It’s a challenge that I set up to achieve 20 sketches in 20 days each month, and I have invited others to join me so we can have a bit of fun urging each other on. There are a bunch of us who are quite dedicated and we strive to get that star that I give out when we reach 20 (Find us on Facebook if you are curious).

Anyway, my post is not about the challenge but the focus I set for myself this month. At the start of June, I decided that I will try to sketch at least 20 buildings or scenes that include buildings. I felt that it was (and still is) an area I wanted to improve on. I met that target – gave myself a star 😊 – and after 25 sketches i am feeling a lot more confident.

Hope you enjoy this:

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