Since the day someone showed me a book on Naoshima I had wanted to go there. And I did get there recently.

It was Golden Week (accumulation of 4 national holidays in one week), a busy time and I could not get into the first gallery and was told to take a number for later. I took a number, then went to another museum with the intention of going back to the first one later, but I ran out of energy. There was a lot to see on the island.

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture sketched by Evelyn Yee

Here is an iconic sculpture on the island. There was a long queue of about 60 people to photograph with Yayoi Kusama’s “Pumpkin” at Benesse Art Site in Naoshima.

Naoshima landscape by Evelyn Yee

This is the view across from the cafe at Benesse Art Gallery. It was a lovely island and I wish I had more time.

Till next post, take care.

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