Lush Malaysia

Street scene in Kuala Lumpur by Evelyn Yee

I love sketching in new locations – it’s unfamiliar and exciting. I was in Malaysia recently and while waiting to be picked up, I managed to sketch the entrance to a car park. Ok I know, it’s not the most exciting location but I enjoyed capturing the plants and yes, those were really red bushes 😊. If I had to pick one word to describe the country it would be lush. 

Malaysia Landscape in Watercolour by Evelyn Yee
I went to a small town with the Kuala Lumpur sketching group, and this is the view from our guesthouse (above) – isn’t it gorgeous! I love the different greens of the view and wanted to capture that.

On the last day of the trip, a few of us woke up early to sketch. I found a little stream and once again, I was drawn to the greenery I saw (below)

Malaysia river scene in Watercolour by Evelyn Yee
I love that the “greens” are different – in Malaysia the general green is rather deep, while in Australia, it is generally a browner green. Do you notice the shade of green of trees around you? What is the general green where you live?

Till next time, take care.

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