Painting in Portugal

Greetings from Portugal! I love Portugal and I have been very inspired by the beauty of the places that I have been. Here are a few pieces of work completed here.

I found a nice outdoor studio in Lisbon !  Painting the Basilica da Estrela below. Beautiful building but so tricky!

basalicsa. da estrela  by evelynyee 

I sketched some performers of Fado music during dinner in Alvor. On my way out of he restaurant, I showed them the sketch (below), and they asked their family and friends over to look. Lots of excited chatter around me in Portuguese – I think they were pleased.

musicians sketch by evelyn yee

Igreja Matriz de Alvor (below) dates back to the 16th century. 

Igreja Matriz de Alvor by evelyn yee

I have a lot of sketches so more to follow in the coming posts. Hope you enjoyed these.  


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