NGV visit and sketches

Ai Wei Wei's art

I went to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to have a look around, where the Andy Wharhol – Ai Wel Wei exhibition is held. The exhibit on the foyer (shown above, work of Ai Wei Wei) is pretty impressive. The queue for tickets was pretty long, but I hadn’t intended to go into the exhibition just yet. Instead I walked around to look at the other artworks.

Sketching sculpture by Evelyn Yee

It’s a hugh gallery and after a while, I was glad to have to sit and sketch one of the sculptures.



This is an impressive space full of classical artworks (above)


And somewhere else in the gallery, I spotted an interesting cradle (above)


Sculptural vessel  (above)

Black Forest Cake by Evelyn Yee

Too much to see, and after a few hours I had enough so I sat down to have a cake. I will return to look around and sketch some more.

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