Voyager of the Seas at Station Pier

 sketching at Station Pier - evelyn yee 
My studio for a little while 😊. It was a lovely morning at Station Pier, except when a gust of wind blew and my pen fell into the water 😭 . It was a current favorite but luckily one that only costs a few dollars.

 voyager of the seas at station pier - evelyn yee 

A few people stopped to chat while I was sketching and someone highly recommended a trip on this cruise ship – Voyager of the Seas. Maybe one day! 

The other ship on the left (partly hidden) is the Spirit of Tasmania that goes to and fro Melbourne and Davenport.


  1. Hi Evelyn, I love how you not only put sketch, but also photograph of what you sketch. And sometime you take photo of your sketch with the real object together, such as your dishes/drinks with watercolor and the sketch in the dining table. Even sometime you take the photo a bit diagonal – not fully horisontal – I love the depth effect. Moreover, this make your post more alive, warm (more “human touch” feel, and all over the combination arrangement make the specific posting lovely, distinguished you from others. Cheers.


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