Malaysian Kueh

Kueh – a collection of snacks. They are usually made of local ingredients including flour, sugar, coconut milk, pandanus leaf, palm sugar and others. Most are served as bite-sized cut pieces, and some wrapped in banana leaf (shown below)

 malaysian. kueh by evelyn yee 

Above : Various types wrapped in banana leaf. The one that is exposed (actually wrapped in plastic) is traditionally also wrapped in banana leaf.
 malaysian. kueh by evelyn yee

From the top: Sweet snack made with glutinous rice, round snack, crunchy with sesame seed outside and sweet peanut paste inside, one half of a long Chinese doughnut (“Yau Char Kueh” which comes as a pair – my niece had already eaten the other half!) and the red “Ang Koo’ which has a mung bean filling, came with a banana leaf (not edible) at the bottom. (The yellow mark is an old doodle)

These snacks are eaten for breakfast, tea time or just anytime of the day. These are what I miss most when I am not in Malaysia.

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