World Wide Sketchcrawl Day


What an enormously exciting day it was, to be drawing with others around the world yesterday (19 Oct 2013). Urban sketchers in Melbourne met up in Black Cat Cafe on Brunswick Street to start our drawing day at 10 am. I went across the street to draw the cafe – located at the corner of a beautiful old structure.


Drawing in 27 deg heat was a thirsty activity, so tea was organised. Unfortunately it was served in a pretty little cup, which I just had to draw. When I finished, I realised that I had drawn an empty cup – I had forgotten to drink the tea. Yoyo was not mine – Bev had kindly let me finish my piece before eating it. Such a considerate drawing friend :).


Another section of Brunswick Street, where Tshirts were being sold on the side of the street – see the right side of the drawing,


Thirsty again, we went to The Grub Food Van cafe and had a nice time chatting, drawing and playing ping pong. This was my fun piece – no alcohol consumed at this stage.

It was (another) marathon drawing day which ended with Chinese food for dinner.

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